Ballet benefits for children

Since they are very young, when children listen to music they like, they dance to the rhythm without even realizing it, and there have been several investigations that assure that babies are born with the ability to move more when they listen to music.

It is advisable to encourage this activity because besides being fun, it stimulates the development of children. In addition, the little ones, unlike an adult, do not feel any kind of embarrassment which allows them to let themselves go and enjoy the dance with freedom and joy.

That is why, dance is a very important function in the life of children and there are many options when choosing which style will bring more users to the little ones of the house when learning to dance, a clear example is Ballet which has many benefits. Do you want to know some of them? Keep on reading.

Ballet and its benefits for children

It is a performing art where you can find dance, mime, acting, orchestral music, scenery, and incredible costumes. It is also known as classical dance, whose movements possess a precision and control of the body that gives the dancers a refined air. Many children are attracted to see them dance wishing to achieve the same and it is possible because at E-motion Dance & Health Studio in Nicosia, Strovolos, they can start learning classical ballet, and with younger children are offered baby ballerinas dance classes focused on movement, balance, and basic dance steps in a fun, friendly and positive way.

This is an artistic expression whose results usually do not take long to come to light. Although this does not mean that we are talking about an easy task. It is a type of dance that requires effort and overcoming. Joining ballet classes means that children get many benefits since dance helps in physical, psychological, and emotional development, as well as develop social and intellectual skills, which gives them confidence in themselves.

Many of the benefits that children get from learning ballet:

1- Ballet is a dance that promotes cardiovascular exercise in children.

2- Practicing ballet improves the sense of balance, improves coordination, increases concentration and memory, in ballet as we have seen the activity has two fundamental steps that are to train the body and calm the mind, so it will be accompanied by serenity and confidence.

3- Performing ballet from a very young age will help with posture and thus avoid any possible future back problems. Exercises such as plie, grand plie, relevés, and cambrés work on the movement of the body posture. It is a complete exercise that works on the whole body; back, knees, ankles, pelvic floor, and legs.

4- Children who practice ballet continuously tend to be more successful academically.

5- Dancing ballet strengthens children’s muscles and improves their flexibility. Both flexibility and elasticity are essential to achieve the movements of this dance. Thus, practicing ballet continuously helps to improve the ability to achieve more fluid movements.

6- It is really useful when it comes to creating bonds with other children making new friends and, therefore, greater socialization.

7- Dancing, in general, develops the sense of rhythm, as well as the musical ear. But ballet awakens children’s body dexterity more than any other dance style.

8- It is an incredible enhancer of creativity, since it helps to encourage movement through this artistic expression making children, when dancing, alone or accompanied, think of new positions, imagining dances and choreographies, as well as begin to know themselves a little more. It should also be noted that creativity is something very positive for our human development.

9- Having a healthy mind is fundamental and with ballet we achieve this goal because it helps to increase self-esteem, to release tension by producing adrenaline which is a hormone released by the adrenal glands, which makes us feel alive and happy and helps us to be more relaxed. That is why ballet is an incredible option for children because it makes them rest more and avoid irritability and aggressiveness.

10- Belonging to a dance group generates bonds and friendships that give the feeling of belonging that later on are the ones that will form the values of empathy and responsibility. The ballet encourages teamwork giving rise to values that are great to start from small, because when an adult will be able to integrate into any social context.

11- As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. In ballet, children learn to be resilient as it is a dance where constancy, practice, and dedication are needed. Since the results will be achieved over time, so they will feel motivated to strive and give their best while having fun and learning this beautiful art. 

As you can see ballet is one of the best options that children can have when choosing to dance for its great benefits in the short or long-term providing them grow as healthy individuals and motivated to excel, as this dance helps to instill a sense of discipline and hard work. Becoming people with the ability to manage stress in a better way, getting more patience, and being perfectionists. This will be reflected in other aspects of their lives, such as at school, in the family, and with their friends is something that will always accompany them. That is why at E-motion Dance & Health Studio in Nicosia, Strovolos, we are waiting for you with open doors from Monday to Saturday to start in this beautiful world of classical ballet for children.

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author: emotioncy